Invisible setting

Hellow everyone, I wonder if anyone could indicate a good source for
"how to" invisible set. I have already gone through the Ganoksin
archives and Gerry’s (the cyber setter) web page. It would be ideal
if there were a book or a video that focuses on this particular
subjet. Thanks to All.

Fernando, in Spain, still trying to get acquainted with this new
currency (the Euro) we’ve been imposed. And if someone is visiting
the south of Spain, don’t hesitate to contact me. Bye.

Well Fernando, and all Orchidians

The news is now getting out, I will be doing a series of video-tapes
on Diamond setting, my first tape will be released at the MJSA-NYC,
next week Just on grinding gravers".

My next few series will be on pave, cut*n bead, setting stones in
wax, “Fancy-Cut” stones in engagement mountings. Casting “tips” with
diamonds Re: “temperature” controls-cooling,etc. Bright-cutting with
a “right-sided” onglette #2 graver.

NOW I feel that there is a great and deepening void in educational
tapes. This void must quickly addressed, and up-graded to involve the
newer aspects of diamond and stone setting. I will do a tape on
INVISIBLE SETTING. My inclination is to bring the jewellery community
into the newer age of development in this trade. No one is doing it,
so far, so let it me do this project.

To tell you all story, last month I wanted to visit a mfg… who did
some invisible setting,

I only wanted to ask one or two questions. His reply was gimme
$5,000 and I’ll teach you anything you want in three months.
Otherwise, theres the door behind you!

I’m not like that, never will be, I will offer all kinds of help and
make your lives easier and help you to get your jobs done simpler and
with a greater understanding. Mark my words!

“Gerry, the cyber-setter !” “

hello Fernando,

as i understand invisible setting, it involves working very closely
with a precise lapidary. the stones are set by sliding them on wires
to where they need to go. grooves have to be cut in the stone so that
it fits well and slides smoothly. the stones also have to be trimmed
to fit exactly with each other.

i’ve also seen an easier facsimile - where the stones are set in
perfectly cut seats (with their girdles touching) and a single bead
holding in multiple stones. say, four princess cuts set without metal
in between them but with a single bead in the middle where the four
meet. i’d hazard a guess that an outside bezel or gypsy-type set is
also involved, but being more of an abstract-random personality, this
is never been something i’ve attempted. :wink:

hth, susannah