Investment Cast

Hello Dave,

You might also contact KerrLab. I spoke with their representative at
Rio Grande’s Catalog-in-Motion show in Tucson this past February.
After we talked for a while he asked if I would like to receive a
"sample" of Kerr’s investment, precut molding rubber, and injection

Of course I said yes, thinking I’d get a couple of pounds to try.
About two weeks later I received:

  1. Two 50 pound boxes of Kerr precut molding rubber, one soft and
    the other firm.

  2. One 33 pound box of Satin Cast 20 investment powder.

  3. About 15 pounds of various types of Kerr injection waxes.

All delivered by UPS and all absolutely FREE!

I have found the Satin Cast 20 to be great to work with and the
injection wax I’ve tried so far has produced good results too! I
haven’t tried the precut rubber yet as I have a lot of Castaldo
Super Strength Silicon molding material which I have been using for
a while now. But I will be giving the Kerr rubber a try pretty soon.

Anyway, Kerr seems to be trying to “buy” or “keep” some market share
within the Jewelers community by giving generous samples of their
products to jewelers who want to try it out. If you want to try
these products call the fellow I met. His name is Philip Read and he
is with KerrLab’s southern California office phone number (714)
516-7653 or (888) 766-7650.

I would imagine he would be glad to have your interest and would
also send “samples” to you. Can’t hurt to try, I was sure surprised!

All the best,
Joe Bloyd
Battle Ground, Washington… where gardens are going in all over the