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Investing water & YAK

G'day - I can't keep my nose out of things!  Leaving water -
including distilled or de-ionised water "sitting around" won't
remove the air which is dissolved in it.   <snip>

John -

When ever there’s a discussion about a technique I always wait for
your response. I’m glad your nose finds its way in! In fact, I
just told one of my students about Orchid and suggested she join
the list, Also told her to look for John Burgess’ responses.
She’s really amazing. She wanted to know how to do reticulation,
so I showed her how its done. She was my only student that day, so
we played around with silver, brass, and copper scraps. She used
these scraps to make a great pin, reticulating all three metals
separately, sweating them together, and adding a cab.

Anyway, John, thanks for all your posts and BTW - where are you
from and besides jewelry, what is your background - if you don’t
mind sharing.

Bacliff, Texas Gulf Coast USA