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Inventory control

I set up my inventory control using a spread sheet that I modified
to meet my needs. It includes the following:

* Date
* Item number for inventory control.  The humbler is assigned when the 

is added to the spreadsheet.
* Type of item. Buckle, pendant, ring etc.
* Three columns for description.
* Mold that was used to create item
* I put in my time and have a column that lists the amount I desire to
per hour
* The next column calculates the amount of labor cost.
* I have a column to list the weight of silver and one for gold
* There are columns for the purchase cost of silver and gold
* There is a column for markup on the metals.
* The next columns calculate the cost of silver and gold in the project
includes markup
* I have a column for stone cost
* I have a column for the cost of casting
* A column for misc. cost
* Column the adds the cost of all the items that went into the project.
* A column for the wholesale cost
* Columns for the status and location of the item. It is in inventory, sold
or on consignment. The invoice number and customer is listed in
* I have a column for how much it sold for and another that calculated
actual profit. The sale price minus the actual cost of the item.

Mu two cents worth

Hi folks! I recieved so many positive and encouraging responses
when I put out a request for LaserStar info that I thought I’d put
it out there again…

This time the problem of inventory control has got my business out
of control! (well let’s just say it could be running a bit

I’m presently using QuickBooks Pro for invoicing, items, general
ledger, checkbook journal, etc.

Anybody have any ideas how to control the raw products- fine gold,
castings, gemstones,findings, etc. that come into the shop- get
made into a piece of jewelry with an item number, and invoiced
effectively out of inventory?

I’m in the process of interviewing bookkeepers of all levels- from
data entry types to controllers and need some help in basic systems.

Also - how do you deal with the varieations fo gold price
fluctuation and using - say a diamond instead of an amathyst in a
stock piece?

Is anybody using a software system they could recommend?

Many thanks to all for your generosity in info sharing!


I’m a QuickBooks pro advisor. QB is not good for what you want. If
you’re “frugile”, I’m told MYOB can be good for people who
manufacture. (Mind Your Own Business)

OR try Jewelry Shopkeeper: 914-725-7400

David Geller