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Introduction [Was: Safety and platinum]

Pete! You got a email address? 

Sure. Doesn’t it show up in the postings as the “from” listing?

It’s @Peter_W_Rowe

Real abreviated bio:

46 years old, single, 2 cats. Lives now in Seattle. Works as
commercial jeweler for local manufacturer, does pretty much
everything with lots of platinum fabrication in particular, these
days, and somewhat less stone setting than I used to do, since
where I now work they have full time setters who have to be kept
busy… B.S. art education, '74, University of Wisconsin.
Graduate Gemologist '79, MFA from Tyler School of Art in
Philladelphia, '89. Assorted other details and experiences…
In short, been at this since high school, back in '68. Never
looked back. Wonder sometimes if I should have done so…

Also servs as the moderator of the usenet newsgroup, Currently real busy trying to learn to can
the pears from the tree in my back yard before they rot. Never
done it before. then will get back to making a little art on the
side once that’s learnt…