Introduction to another enamelist

Hi, there, I’m an enamelist, living in Vancouver, British
Columbia, Canada. It’s very exciting to be able to connect with
other artists\enamelists in other parts of the world. Basically
I’m not at all familiar with the Internet at all, in fact this
is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to connect with
anyone in this business.Actually, I incorporate my enamelling in
jewellry and of course, I’m very excited about what I’m doing.
The thing is, that I wondered if you have any sources or places
of business which enable me to order materials, such porcelain
pigment, very fine paintbrushes(preferably, leaded, as leaded
enamels, and pigments, have a more vivid finish.) Basically, my
work is along the Limouges style, and I’m also very involved in
finding out as much as I can, about miniatures etc.I’ll send
this off right now and sincerely hope that you will be able to
connect with me, as soon as possible. Thanks, very much. Ann

Hi Ann Have you checked the Ganoksin archives on this subject.
People have been really generous and supplied lists of all the
places we know of to order enameling supplies. Check the below
site and if you can’t find what you need contact me personally
and I will forward you some of the info.