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Introduction of Argentium Silver Solder

New Argentium[Tm] High-White Silver Solders Now Available

Argentium[tm] Silver Solders: Transforming the World of Sterling
Silver Solders for Jewelers and Metalsmiths

NEW YORK, June 6, 2005 - Argentium[tm] Silver Company today
introduced the first range of solders specifically developed for use
with Argentium[tm] Sterling Silver. These high-quality solders have
excellent color and free-flowing properties.

Until now, there have been very few new developments with sterling
silver solders. Argentium[tm] Silver Solders offer jewelers and
metalsmiths improved whiteness, combined with a considerable
reduction in working temperatures. These new solders match the
color and maintain the unique properties of Argentium[tm] Sterling
Silver throughout the final piece. The following range of silver
contents is available: Easy (Flow Temp: 1253F/678C), Medium (Flow
Temp: 1319 /715C), and Hard (Flow Temp: 1355F/735C).

Argentium[tm] Silver Solders can be used with both Argentium[tm]
Sterling Silver and standard sterling and provide a variety of
benefits including:

* Range of Easy, Medium and Hard solders 
* Excellent color 
* Free-flowing 
* Lower melting temperatures
* Highly tarnish resistant

Argentium[tm] Easy, Medium and Hard Solders are available in both
wire and sheet. Solder-filled wire for chain making and
solder-flush sheet will be available beginning in September.

“Argentium[tm] Silver Solders provide the missing link to designers,
silversmiths and manufacturers who wish to convert entirely to this
premium material,” comments Michael Merolla, Executive Vice
President of Sales & Marketing for Stern-Leach - the leading
manufacturer of silver alloy and fabricated silver in the U.S.

On working with Argentium[tm] Solders, jewelry designer Larry
Blackwell comments, “The solder works so well, I feel confident in
using Argentium[tm] Sterling Silver as my only silver alloy.”

DESCRIPTION: A new range of solders specifically developed for use
with Argentium[tm] Sterling Silver. The solders have excellent color
and free-flowing properties. Argentium[tm] Silver Solders may also
be used with standard sterling silver.

Argentium[tm] Easy Solder

FORM: Argentium[tm] Easy Solder is available in sheet and
ITEM NUMBERS: Wire BX965; Sheet AX965
COMPOSITION: 65% silver
DENSITY: 4.93 ounces/in3
MELT: 1146F (619C) FLOW: 1253F (678C)

Argentium[tm] Medium Solder

FORM: Argentium[tm] Medium Solder is available in sheet and
ITEM NUMBERS: Wire BX966; Sheet AX966
COMPOSITION: 70% silver
DENSITY: 5.06 ounces/in3
MELT: 1237F (670C)
FLOW: 1319F (715C)

Argentium[tm] Hard Solder

FORM: Argentium[tm] Hard Solder is available in sheet and
ITEM NUMBERS: Wire BX967; Sheet AX967
COMPOSITION: 75% silver
DENSITY: 5.14 ounces/in3
MELT: 1272F (689C)
FLOW: 1355F (735C)

Warranty Clause: This data is believed to be accurate and reliable.
However, these are GUIDELINES, recommendations only given free of
charge and should be employed by you with discretion and risk.
Argentium[tm] Silver Co. and Stern-Leach assume no responsibility
for difficulties or damages incurred by adhering to this

For further on Argentium[tm] Solders and for contact
details of suppliers please email or phone
Mike Merolla at 1-800-225-2710 or email
Stern-Leach is the exclusive North American Manufacturer of
Argentium Sterling Silver.

About Argentium Silver Co.
Argentium Silver Co. (A.S.Co), an offshoot from Middlesex
University, is a new kind of pioneering technology transfer company,
based in London, UK. A.S.Co has set out to bring Argentium[tm]
Sterling Silver in all its forms to market in partnership with a
selection of the world’s leading silver manufacturers, designers and

About Stern-Leach
A company with over 100 years of experience, Stern-Leach is the
market leader of fabricated gold and silver alloys producing
products in an infinite combination of sizes, shapes, and forms.
Primary industries served are jewelry manufacturers, silversmiths,
giftware, writing instruments, and national mints industries.

Stern-Leach is part of The Cookson Group, an international materials
technology group, which provides advanced materials, equipment and
enabling technologies to organizations worldwide. With products and
expertise in metal, ceramics, electronics, and materials science,
companies within the Cookson Group are leaders in their respective

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