Introduction - Kat Chandler

Hello fellow Orchidians, My name is Kat Chandler–originally from
Oregon, I am currently in the second year of my degree in Australia,
majoring in Jewellery & Metalsmithing. I have been observing the
forum for about a week now and am very pleased at finding such a
wealth of on the net, and what a community!!! One of
the best ways of learning, I’ve found, is from fellow artists and
jewellers sharing their own knowledge and experience. After all,
not all answers can be found in books!

I have a few comments and questions…firstly, does anyone know of
a company (most likely in the USA) that sells titanium tubing that
would be suitable for ring sizes? I have looked at Reactive Metals
online and have ordered a catalog from them, but from what I can
tell they only have small tubing (1/4-1/8" diam). Any information
on this would be appreciated, as I realise the amount of working
ability with titanium is limited, and I would probably not be able
to create tubing from flat sheet. If this is not possible I will
simply have to move to niobium. I am currently embarking on a self
directed study in colouring titanium, and have a design I would love
to do for rings, but I’m flexible with what metal I use in this

I have been reading the thread regarding the closed gallery and
other consignment issues, and am somewhat concerned. As a beginning
artist, I have just submitted 21 pieces to Yum Gallery in Hood
River, Oregon on consignment. I am hoping they will sell and am
fairly confident that the people running the gallery would not steal
from me or let me down, as they are close friends and the gallery is
doing well. Having said that, anything is possible. This thread
has alerted me to the cautions regarding putting work on consignment
and I’m incredibly grateful for the knowledge I’ve acquired. In the
future I will take more precautions. I was wondering–would it be
wise to make my own contract (working with a lawyer) that would
protect my work for future consignments? Those artists affected by
the closed gallery have my sympathies.

On the note of gender-biased jewellery, I have seen some fantastic
fused-glass pieces recently in Hood River, Oregon. They are on
display on silver chains, but a few male friends have made their own
black leather thongs and they look great! It would probably be good
for the artist to make leather thongs to go with the pieces as well
as the silver chain–to give the buyer the option of what to wear
the pendant on, thus creating a more gender-flexible piece. I
myself have made the majority of my jewellery from women, with the
exception of making a money clip for my father. I am hoping to
create more gender-flexible jewellery with this new titanium
project. I myself only wear a couple pieces of my own and that is
only when I’m going out…other than that it’s a labradorite ring
and Oregon fire opal necklace–both not my own pieces!

I guess that’s it for now…


welcome to this fabulous list! take heart! horror stories can easily
frighten, and do happen, but, there are many many more galleries that
are honest to the public and to their artists all the time…there
are many details to consider when putting things on consignment,
including even exclusivity agreements (which i have seen around as
well) and referral fees…each contract is different, despite many
commonalities, so read each of them over carefully

good luck and have fun