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Introduction and more


I am also a new member to orchid, so welcome.

I am a student at the University of Cape Town, South Africa and
am undertaking an MSc in materials engineering. My specific
project is to look at age-hardening in platinum alloys
(specifically for jewellery),but will no doubt include all other
things picked up along the way.

My problem is I know nothing about making platinum jewellery. So
if I come up with some ground breaking research for jewellery
making, I might not not that it is. So my question to you is, as
a platinumsmith, is there a good reference, book or any
literature on advanced platinum jewellery making. I need to know
alloys, heat treatments, working hardening methods etc.

Secondly, if you where a platinumsmith, as you are, but also had
an advanced knowledge of materials, as you might have, what
specific areas would you look at? i.e. What can I research to do
the platinumsmiths of this world a big favour?

Thank-you for your time, any help would be appreciated.

Nicholas Towle