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Introduction and Inventory response

Hello all!

What a wonderful forum this is! I am a jeweler working out of snowy
Massachusetts, USA. I recently started teaching to supplement my
skimpy winter income and the discussions on Ganoksin coupled with the
wide ranging needs of my students has (happily) made me revisit or
learn fresh many techniques I do not use in my day to day jewelry
making. Thank you all.

Now for a comment on the inventory thread. I am in the process of
setting up an inventory system now, so this discussion is quite
timely. My impetuous is that my insurance policy requires it. I am
planning on using Filemaker for my inventory database. I have heard
it is wonderful. I will be using it only for finished pieces,
however. I am worried about spending too much time on data entry
otherwise. I’ll be happy if I can get my quarterly sales figures out
of it and have a record of finished pieces. As far as the question

 Are people "flying by the seat of their pants" (on instinct), or
not bothering to determine a value of on hand materials? 

I will buy a digital camera or video camera for the purpose of
keeping track of raw materials and tools. I have set aside the first
monday of every month for this sort of inventory and bookkeeping. One
other thing to consider is keeping duplicate files somewhere other
than your studio in case the unspeakable happens. I am in the process
of buying a second computer so that I might email my data entry to my
other computer for safe keeping. Please send me any thoughts or
suggestions! -Jade Moran

Jade Moran Jewelry
257 Highland Ave
Somerville, MA, 02143