Introduction and a question

Hi There,
I am an amateur jeweler with hopes of becoming a professional one some day.
When I first started learning jewelery making, I started with construction
pieces, and then learned about casting. I lived in New York at the time
and found out about 47th street and the jewelery district there. So, after
a few trips to New York-I purchased unfinished 14kt gold castings - so
that I could finish them and set the stones, etc. I have done a few and
they have looked okay-but not great-they seem to be missing a “professional
look”. So, I was wondering if I am doing something incorrectly. I have
followed the instructions from various instructors from classes I took and
from some books.
What I would really appreciate is; the steps to be followed for finishing
an unfinished 14kt gold cast ring.
Thank you for your help.

Marlene DeMers