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Introducing - William Scott Hall

Name: William Scott Hall
Email: @wsh
Address: Berkeley, CA USA

Greetings fellow metalheads! I was just at an ACC show in SF CA
and two fellow metalsmiths told me about this virtual metal
paradise. I’m an artist/metalsmith who specializes in eyewear-
sunglasses in precious metal…some have stones. I’ve been
working on them for about two years developing tools, equipment
and designs etc…and now i’m ready to take them to the
"marketplace" I’ve been touring the ACC circuit here in the
states, but I would like to find some more venues for my work
that don’t require quite so much “work”. All the traveling and
set up takes time away from the real work. If anyone has any
has any suggestions for galleries, boutiques, shops etc…I
would be most grateful! I’m in the process of setting up a web
site and will give you all the address when it’s complete.
Until then email me @ @wsh Thanks! William