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Introducing - Virginia Gray

Name: Virginia Gray
Email: @vgray0404
Address: A Touch of Fancy
Gaithersburg, MD

I make jewelelry for our Victorian shoppe. Have been making
jewelery for 10 years and am 82 years old. Would be interested
in new ideas as long as there are no fees involved. My daughter
an I have been involved in the Victorian Shoppe for 5 years now.
I live in Florida and she is in Maryland and runs the shoppe from

Thank you for your newsletter.

Virginia L. Gray

hi and welcome!

i have an idea for you if you crochet…using fine silver 26,28
and 30 gauge…these goodies are wonderful and can be very
victorian. most existing patterns work in silver…and they work
up so beautifully.

the november issue of Lapidary Journal has my silver horn a
plenty filled with veggie beads, and the instructions for the
chain, it is strong, and is made in the afghan stitch, sorta.

you can check out my websites, they all connect…and i have a
pattern for a very old fashion heart pendant decorated with
crystal flower beads…

pat moses-caudel