Introducing - Vira

Name: vira
Email: @vira
Address: Pretoria, South Africa

Hello Everyone

I’m a newcomer to this forum - have just joined the discussion list, and am
not sure whether this is a different list or the same one, so I wont
repeat my whole intro. Just look fwd to reading all your posts.

Best Regards,

Name: Vira
Email: @vira
Address: Pretoria, South Africa.

Hi Everyone

I make jewellery as a hobby, and was doing very nicely about 2 years ago,
but other work intervened, and I feel like a beginner once again. I look
forward to reading what all of you have to say on the forum, and will no
doubt learn a lot from you, getting inspired to do this creative work again.

Thank you for welcoming me here.

Name: Vira
Email: @vira1
Address: South Africa

I’ve been around for some time, and find Orchid very valuable for
as well as the readiness of the participants to help
tackle problems.

Thanks to all - please continue the good work.