Introducing - Vernon Matthews

I am 77 yrs old. Retired biology teacher. Licensed to fly an
airplane and ride a motorcycle…(which I do) I live in the middle
of app. 300 acres of woods. My 57 yr. old wife is a geriatric nurse.
(good for me!) we have no children…two dogs. I started cabbing
stones several years ago. Never had any instruction. I do silver and
gold smithing. Jewelry fabrication and repair. Am just about to
start faceting. I look forward to learning the craft.

Hey Vern, From your activity list that you mentioned , I bet you are
actually younger than your wife. Thats great! I’ve got a ways to
catch up with you, but I hope I’m as active as you when I get there.
My uncle, who started me in this business 35 some years ago,
remarried when he was 81 after his 1st passed away. His new wife was
59. In their 1st year of marriage, they where so active in various
things, that they managed ,through no fault of their own I might add,
to completely destroy 2 bass boats and a car. And I’m talking about a
guy that has been ultra conservative his entire life. Fortunately,
his new wife is fairly wealthy, so they just went merrily on their
way after these events. Ed

Good for you 77 yr. Ole timer. I am of your vintage and look forward
to Learning something new every day. Grandaughters tell me i’m still
hot. Yippee, Louise