Introducing - Valentin Yotkov

Name: Valentin Yotkov
Address: 154 Carroll Street D-2
Brooklyn NY 11231

Zdravayteh! This is how we say “Hello” in Bulgaria, the country
where I was born and where I received my training as a Master
Silversmith. My primary focus and expertise is Chasing and
Repousse both on jewelry and hollow ware, including the making of
the necessary tools. My main occupation is the execution of
commissions for institutions and individuals. My studio is in the
New York area, where I also teach small classes in the art and
techniques of Chasing and Repousse. I have conducted workshops at
facilities in the local area, as well as in Europe and Asia, and
I am now available to conduct workshops in other parts of the
United States. I am most grateful to one of my colleagues for
introducing me to this forum, where one has the opportunity to
share knowledge and experiences with others of similar interests.

Valentin Yotkov

Zdravayteh to you Val. I am delighted that you finally connected
with Orchid. I’m sure that both you and the members will benefit
mutually. I know your work and I had the good fortune to attend
one of your workshops, and I can attest to the high level of
skill you bring to this discipline.

There are very few craftsmen who are skilled in the technics of
Chasing and Repousse, let alone those who are capable and willing
to teach and share this knowledge.

So good luck, and I know we will see more of you on this Forum.

JZ Dule