Introducing - Travis Duggan

Name: Travis Duggan
Email: @Travis
Address: c/o Black Pearl Gallery
1200 Alo Moana Blvd.
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814

Hi everybody, I’m new at this “thingy” so if I come across looking
inexperienced, you’ve been forewarned ! I’m an experienced
benchman of 16 yrs finishing my tests for JA Master Bench Jeweler
Certification. Feel free to e-mail me or call at (808) 589-2589
if you have a difficult problem, question, or just wanna know
how the weather is out here (GREAT ! !) but keep in mind I’m in
Hawaii so our time is about 5 hrs behind Central Time! Aloha,

Hi everyone, It’s been a few years since I’ve been an active
"Orchidian" and I’ve decided to give it another whirl. I’m a J.A.
Certified Master Jeweler of 20 yrs at the bench. I’m originally from
Baton Rouge, LA. traveled extensively throughout Canada and the U.S.,
lived 11 years in Honolulu, HI and have planted roots here in New
Mexico. I have a beautiful, suportive wife and a new baby girl of
6mo. My wife is finally coming around to the idea of learning the
trade. She’s a great rhodium plater! LOL This past week (4-10-03)
she’s been on the polishing wheel (at her own election, I’m not that
cruel!) and is doing quite well. I manufacture a line of Tahtian
Pearl mountings of about 165 pieces, mostly in 18K as well as doing
trade work. I specialize in platinum work, wax carving, casting,
mold making and model making to the trade and feel like my strongest
talent is making jewelry with motion as well as emotion. I’ve gained
quite a bit of experience the hard way, although with no “formal"
training, I might have and answer to your questions that may not be
"by-the-book” but have worked great for me. I’m available at (505)
867-4700 if you feel the urge to call. I’m looking forward to
sharing my knowledge with you all.


Aloha Travis, Wondered what happened to you. I take it, you left the
Black Pearl Gallery. Nice to see you here. Many nice people here
also, as well as, Donna from Maui Divers and a few others from
Hawaii. You will like New Mexico (I liked it myself), Sante Fe is
the best. But, as they say, the Islands will always call you back.
By the way gang, This guy does fine work. Good luck in your new
venture and congratulations on the birth of your daughter. Enjoy!!

Best Regards,
Christian Grunewald