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Introducing - Tonya David


Email: <@tonya_david>
Location: Albany, NY USA

I’m an amature costume jewelry maker who’s interested in learning
to spot weld and solder wire into jewelry pieces, but I’m having
trouble finding out where to start. Either books assume you’ve
experience welding, or don’t mention anything. Any info on this
subject would be appreciated! Thanks!!


Tonya- I assume you want to solder costume jewelry? It would be
helpful to know what metals and alloys you are interested in
joining together. There are several processes- fusion (and tack
welding using a special electric machine) hard soldering of
higher melting metals, and soft soldering (usually using tin
based solders) of white metal based castings and other
non-precious jewelry metals. There are a number of people on this
forum that could help you. Rick Hamilton


Who-o there fellow. You need some resources such as books and
classes. We don’t weld although we do braze but we call it silver
soldering. (We don’t really have split minds…it just seems that
way.) We work very small and do not use typical welder’s
equipment. We use smaller equipment such as the Little Torch and
Presto-Lite outfits. There are good books and vidios if you can’t
find classes. The Rio catalog (1-800-545-6566) has a good
selection. I sugest the McCreight book and vidio. Marilyn Smith