Introducing - Tom Tietze

Name: Tom Tietze -The Artisan Workshop
Email: @ArtWrkshop
Address: 8298 N. Dearing Ave. Fresno CA. 93720, USA

I am a master jeweler and instructor with over 20 years of
experience. My current involvement is concentrated on vocational
jewelers training and mentoring, corporate and award jewelry
manufacturing, and custom jewelry design and production. I am
interested in the exploration of, and idea exchange regarding
various master-molding and mass production techniques. I am fluent
in both English and German, and am interested in communicating with
other experts. By the way, I am very accessible and am not shy
about sharing my ideas and insights with expert and student alike.
My philosophy is that the best way to grow is to participate in a
free exchange of ideas.

Looking forward to communicating, Tom Tietze