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Introducing - Tina M. Rallo

Name: Tina M. Rallo
Email: @to4roses
Address: 17 River Ave. Cornwall on Hudson,NY 12520

Hello, I’m a beginner in jewelry design,and I’ve created a line
of earrings, using (24gage) crafters wire. Iuse a combination of
braids, weaves, twists,and bends to fashion these shapes.I’ll be
looking forward to communicating with people who have simular

Hi Tina, I always get excited to see another wireworker on the
list. Your work sounds intricate and beautiful. I too am a
wireworker, and will be beginning a jewelry and metals class in
about 2 weeks. I can’t tell you how much I’ve gotten
from the list. You will enjoy it here and you will learn so
much. The combined knowledge and sharing is exceptional.