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Introducing - Theresa Bishop

Name: Theresa Bishop
Email: @cuteperky1
Address: 12 Sharon Drive Highland,NY 12528

Hello! I am new to jewelery making, AOL and computers in general
so please be patient with me! I have a degree in bio-chemistry
from Vassar College and I am currently a Regional Sales and
Marketing Director for a small High Tech Nursing Company. I am
at a juncture in my life where I wish to pursue some of my earlier
artistic pleasures. About 3 years ago my husband (an
ex-accountant) decided he wanted to “down-size” his life and left
the 9 to 5 suit and tie world and became …a tattoo artist. He
is doing extremely well and he is happier than I ever seen him.
To make a long story short I have decided to explore my creative
side as well. I have always designed my own jewlery and had some
one else make it. I would now lkie to try and make it myself. Well
I hope I haven’t bored you to tears…but thats my intro.