Introducing the Haarlem jewellery collective

Dear all.

Besides my happy new year wish, I want to introduce you, the Haarlem
Jewellery Collective.

Haarlems Sieraad Collectief is the Dutch name, and it is established
in 2007.

The seven members of the collective are, Sylvia Blickman, Brigit
Daamen, Hilde Foks, Birgit Laken, Floor Max, Jennifer Hoes and Carla

We take our inspiration in the collective’s project Haarlem
Bejewelled, from elements of the greater city of Haarlem’s rich
cultural heritage.

Our second exhibition ‘Naturally Worn’, which is running this year
until the 9th of March, takes place in the oldest museum of the
Netherlands, Teylers Museum Haarlem.

In the exhibition Naturally Worn, each designer chose an exhibit
from the fantastically varied collection of Teylers Museum and
reacted to it by creating an inspired object or piece of jewellery.

Each designer engages herself in a personal dialog with the selected

Haarlem Bejewelled is a long-term project that consists of a series
of exhibitions aimed at bringing the modern so-called ‘authored
jewellery’ to a wider audience.

The first exhibition in this series, Juweeltjes onder de grond
(jewels under the ground) shown in 2007, was inspired on the
fascinating archaeological finds in the collection of the
Archaeology Museum Haarlem.

For more on the Haarlem Jewellery Collective and its
activities, see:

It is not in English yet, but the images are international. And when
you go over it with your cursor you can see how we reacted on it (in

When you plan a visit to the Netherlands, do not forget to plan in
this very special Teylers Museum (see the invitation in the

With kind regards, Birgit

Birgit Laken
Zoetestraat 14
2011 PR Haarlem