Introducing - Tanja-Maria Zeise

Name: Tanja-Maria Zeise
Email: @tzeise

Hallo out there! I would like to introduce myself to the orchid
community. I am a german native, born and raised in Berlin,
Germany. I have been living in the US for 3 years, mainly in
Albuquerque,NM. I am at a crossroad of my live. I will not be
able to work as a physician in this country and plan B is to do
what I’ve wanted to for what seems forever. I would like to get
into jewellery making: design, fabrication, casting, the whole
spectrum. Now I am looking for a real hands-on education, a
school of concentrated study. I’d appreciate any suggestions for
any location.

Thanks - Tanja-Maria Zeise <@tzeise>

Maria: Revere Academy is San Francisco is top notch. Their Web
site is

Good luck and follow your dream

Virginia Lyons

Hello and Welcome Tanja:

There is a great school in Paris, Texas. I went there some 18
years ago. They teach you fabrication skills, Casting, Finishing,
Stone setting. More info on this school is at the following web

Another option is G.I.A. in Carlsbad, California.

This is a fairly complete list of jewelry schools in the world

Michael Mathews Victoria,Texas USA
Search hundreds of jewelry related sites at.

If you want to be on the East Coast I strongly recommend you
look at the North Bennet Street School in Boston. They have an
excellent program. We have had great success with our employees
who came out of their program. Of course if you want to stay on
the West Coast there is Alan Revere’s internationally known