Introducing - suzanne boschen

Name: suzanne boschen
Email: @flsuzanne
Address: 675 mandalay ave. clearwate beach, florida 33767

wirewrap jeweler, silversmith. Have nightly booth at local
tourist pier, continuing education at nights in jewelry. need
help to find publication or book on “how to make puzzle rings”!

Welcome, Suzanne! You will really enjoy the info available on
Orchid. There was a recent discussion on puzzle rings - check
the archives. See you at open studio on Thursday? Gini in
barely perceptible cooler Tampa Bay (high today will be 87F)

hi, jose grant manufactures a comprehensive catalog. ask him to
send you one. if one would like to learn how tho make these
rings, one could just look at a picture of one, color code the
different elements, and bend accordingly. best regards,

geo fox