Introducing - Susan Wood-Onstad

Name: Susan Wood-Onstad
Email: @onstad
Address: P.O.Box 1314 Mendocino, CA 95460

I’ve been involved in metalsmithing for the last 25 years (or
so). I maintain my own studio, where I produce primarily one of a
kind pieces of jewelry, holloware, and objects. I am also the
co-director of the jewelry dept. at the Mendocino Art Center, a
small, non-profit arts organization in northern California. The
Art Center offers classes in four areas, fine arts, textiles,
ceramics, and (most importantly) jewelry.

We are really proud of our program. We offer week-end workshops
in the Fall and Spring, and week-long workshops in the Summer. I
teach some of them (fiber techniques in metal, chains,
mechanisms, stonesetting), but we invite instructors from all
over the country to come and share their area of expertise. Our
workshops include enameling, granulation, raising, cold
connections, alternative materials, die forming… the list goes
on. I realize I’m “talking” more about the center than myself, so
I’ll stop now. I’m glad I found this venue for sharing ideas,
and I’m looking forward to being involved!

Susan, I saw your post on the Orchid list- I’d love to have a
calendar of your scheduled spring and summer classes. I’d like
to plan a vacation trip around a class or two. Would you be
interested in coming to LA if I could get together a few people
for a day or weekend? Thanks, Foxy (Ruth)