Introducing - Susan B Lindsey

Susan B Lindsey
Rapt Elegance Jewelry
Reston, Virginia. USA

I am a wire wrap jewelry designer who is relatively new the jewelry
business. I began designing pendants in the summer of 2003, and have
ventured into rings, bracelets and neckrings only this year.

My greatest joy is developing a new design; my greatest challenge is
finding suitable markets for the variety of designs I create.
Teaching what I do keeps me on my toes and pushes me to refine my

Jewelry design is something I ‘happen upon,’ or perhaps, more
accurately, which ‘happened upon me’ after spending many years in the
counseling field. All of my artistic endeavors prior to now were
musical - I left the visual arts to my brother, who is a gifted pen
and ink artist and oil painter. So jewelry design has been an
unexpected gift in my life after many years of endeavors in other

I look forward to the exchange of ideas and to ‘meeting’ other
designers through this forum.

Sue Lindsey