Introducing - Sumiche Handwrought Jewelry

Hi folks, I wrote an introduction at the Orchid website but never
e-mailed one to the list and feel a bit left out of the intro
loop. So…I have been making jewelry since I was in H.S.
in 1974. My father bought me my very first tools and gave me
bench space (and encouragement) in the back of his antique
shop. As a teenager I had a fairy godfather - Irving Posner -
who owned a watch repair and jewelry supply shop in NY - lower
east side. He always slipped me a little extra tool or
something he’d picked up from the old- timers he knew leaving
the trade. Between my allowance and his generosity I build up
my basic tool set. He followed my progress from the making of
knot rings to the setting of diamonds and getting my GG from GIA

  • by then he had sold his business and became partnered DRS
    tools and findings in midtown Manhattan, diamond exchange
    nearby to GIA - so we’d often get to have lunch together or
    just a quick hello. I still use just about every tool I ever
    bought or received from him. I’ve worked as gopher, sales,
    bench- jeweler, store manager. I owe everything I know to the
    folks I’ve worked with and for, the authors who wrote all the
    books available and lots of trial and error . I’m currently
    self-employed with my partner Susan doing one of a kind, limited
    production and lots of custom work -on the web and in a small
    artist’s cooperative gallery in Eugene, Oregon. Okay, I feel
    like I’ve just written the opening thank you page for my
    unwritten jewelers biography. I guess I’m just feeling
    prettygrateful today for all the help I’ve gotten along the
    road. And hopeful that I’ll be able to offer up even a tenth of
    it to others Michelle

Sumiche Handwrought Jewelry
Creating what you want in gold, platinum and silver