Introducing -

Hello Orchid,

I would first like to wish all of you a a Happy Holiday season.

Second I have a favor to ask. Steve Midget and I have a new website
for our 304/316 stainless steel and titanium/zirconium extrusion
patterned metal rings. If anyone has the time to review the website
and give me feedback on it either on or off list we would be
grateful. It has just gone live and we are looking to get the bugs
out. The site address is:

Thanks in advance,


James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts

The site address is: 

The site looks great, Jim! Clean, clear, easy to navigate. I did
find myself wondering whether different widths are available, and
also I wonder two other things-- how do the bands feel to wear? Some
appear to be etched quite deep. Also, does the appearance change
over time at all? These are questions you might want to address if
you think others would also have them.

These rings look fabulous-- I would definately wear one (though not
as a wedding ring-- got one of those already).

And Happy Holidays to you too!

since you asked, i really like the product. everything looks great,
but thinking a stronger image choice on the opening page might be
the four rings showing the various patterns. one other thing, perhaps
you could emphasize more the durability factor, i know the
is in there, but could more outstanding for greater
impact as it is an important feature. perhaps show a comparison to
traditional jewelry metals? just a thought. good luck with your

Hello -

Very good start to your site, the pieces are beautiful!

I have excellent vision and also spend way too much time surfing the
net…the font you are using is waay to small!! Please use a larger
font. I do like what was written; clear, concise, informative. I
super liked that I didn’t have to scroll down to get all of the
you were providing:)



The site looks very clean and easy to navigate. The photography
quality and the way you’ve presented the designs is very clear and

Like Noel, I’d like to know more about what widths are available,
whether optional stone settings are available, and whether these
rings CAN combine gold into the pattern. It’s referenced in text a
couple of places, but I don’t see any examples. If your traditional
mokume rings are where the gold comes in, maybe create a link that
says… for those who wish to combine precious metals into a pattern
like this, consider mokume as an alternative (with a link to your
other site).

I’d also make a more prominent Contact Us on each page - maybe put
the phone number or email on the same place on each page. This seems
like the type of purchase that will involve customer interaction, so
make it really easy for customers to call you and email you with
their questions.

Otherwise, it looks great!

Best of luck,
Karen Goeller
No Limitations Designs
Hand-made, one-of-a-kind jewelry

Hi James,

The site looks pretty good, but I have a few suggestions.

The white background and clean look is good, that’s a current trend.

I’d like to see a larger font size.

I’d like to see a little more history of patterned metal. Maybe your
ideal customer is educated and already knows that? But it would be
cool to show some mokume gane, some damascus steel, and show, this
is the history, here’s the modern thing you can have that’s even

Navigation is pretty good. But it did take me twice around to figure
out how to get to the actual shopping page, if I were you I would
make that more obvious.

Seth Godin says in his books that every web page should have a
banana, the ONE thing that you want your customers to do or click.
Where’s the banana to get to the shopping page? Where’s the button
that says, “Shop now”?

It’s a little confusing on the front page – there are multiple ways
to get to the same rings, making me uncertain (as a pretend shopper)
as to which one to start with.

So, that’s about it, minor stuff, the site looks good, but I think
you could tweak it and make it even easier to shop.

Oh – and one possible customer objection – how do these materials
compare to “regular” metals in terms of getting them cut off in the
emergency room. I know that’s it’s not a big deal, but a customer
might wonder, and you might want to address that possible objection.


The site address is: 

Looks great, Jim. Both your work and the site. The home page has a
second row of pictures at the bottom that are either a mirror of the
ones above them or there’s additional I can’t scroll to.
It made me curious…

All the best,

I’m on a Mac and wondered if other Mac users have trouble seeing the
images correctly. There’s a partial double image of the photos at
the bottom of the front page, and the pages don’t seem to resize when
I view them. It may help to know I used Safari as my browser.

Other than that, I love the fresh feel and personal approach!


I also like the clean white background and think that it could be
simplified even more. Photos of people can be alienating. (and Viagra
might as well have a trademark on all pics of joyful couples) If you
want to emphasize “The Art of Union” or stratabands as commitment
rings- I think a more symbolic device would be better. It may also be
easier to integrate with the surfer/nature aspect of the logo. The
nature influence adds a little warmth, is something both men and
women can relate to, and I think it works well here. Oh my- I think
you’re giving too many options. People will have hands on their
wallets, and by the time they nail down all of the details- they may
very well cool off…decide to come back to it later…start
thinking about dinner. I’d like to see two widths for each of the
basic shapes across the middle of the page (landscape). You could
have a simple outline illustrating the choices with pattern swatches
below. -roll over to fill in the outline. That seems like a simple
way to organize the I don’t think the average shopper is
going to differentiate between finish and pattern. You could just
choose what you think is best and simplify them into one category.

Perhaps, you were not looking to have the complete architecture of
your site revamped by some (very opinionated) woman…Nevertheless, I
like these rings very much. I think that limiting this line to bands
is a very strong decision. -I look forward to seeing this take off!