Introducing Steve Mashburn

Hi all, I’ve been lurking for a loooong while, and couldn’t resist
the opportunity to post on the shop tunes thread. I find that, like
others, I prefer specific pieces of music for specific jobs or moods.
About the only time i turn the sound off completely is when it is
raining outside ( natures’ music) or I am trying ( keyword trying)
some granulation.

Some favs of mine aRe: Beatles era rock and roll, middle eastern (
modern) music such as Rumi, Ravi Shankar, and Conrad Praetzel; flute
music by Tommy Wildcat, Dr Digi on the worlds only electronic
digiridoo ( did i spell that right?) Laura Pausini, a great female
voice, acoustics by Adrian Legg, Ottmar Liebert, . and Celtic
music… of which my favorite all time band is Gaelic Storm… they
are such fun!

Now, for a slightly different tack… Karen, your idea to exchange
music for a donation to Orchid is very generous and comes sincerely
from the heart. However, think about it just a minute. As an artist,
would you want your work copied, and then sold for a gift/donation to
another organization, without your consent?

The Recording Industry Association of America answers that question
"NO" as it pertains to music. The RIAA has had about 1300 subpoenas
served in cases regarding illegal file ( music) sharing. The RIAA
claims a drop of about 31% in cd sales since 2000 is due to file
sharing. My guess is that you would be at risk of a lawsuit if you
followed through with your offer to copy cd music, regardless of the
file type. Orchidites surely don’t want that!

Maybe we could start a thread about innovative ways to raise money
for Orchid. Has anyone suggested an ebay auction of a piece of
art/silver/whatever and donate the proceeds to orchid?

Anyway, I love the ganoksin site and how this “community” works
through it’s agreements and disagreements. I hope to soon put up
my pics on the bench exchange and post links to my jewelry.

Steve Mashburn in Oklahoma - watching the hummers eat the sugar
delight Get Postal! Lance Armstrong and the US Postal Service
bicycling team are faster than your local mail delivery!