Introducing - Steve Artz

Name: Steve Artz
Address: 1167 Crest Drive
Encinitas, California
92024 USA

I am an enamel artist with some 25 years in the craft. I have
exhibited internationaly and nationaly over the years.I have
given workshops in Enameling and metal manipulation at The
University of Washington, Bellview comunity college, San Diego
State College, for Enamel Guild West,and The San Diego Enamel
Guild. I am now involved in teaching week long classses at The
John C Cambell Folk School at Brasstown North Carolina once every
year. My main focus at this time is to further develop a
inexpensive spray-acid etching machine for copper and brass
thatuses ferric cloride as etchant.My aim is to allow metal
artitists a chance to try this technique that is faster and
cleaner cutting than simple soaking without the high cost of
investing in a comercial type machine.

Welcome Steve - I know you will love this list - with your
skills and curious mind you will find much to gain and much to
offer. There are actually quite a few enamelists on the list.
Glad you joined. Sheridan Reed

Steve! I took your class at Bellevue community college about 4
years ago. I’m still making them. Haven’t solved the problem of
impeller shaft corrosion. Have you?

Best regards!

Greg Iverson
Seattle, where Summer isn’t.