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Introducing - Stephen Lehman

Name: Stephen Lehman
Email: @svstudio
Address: S. Vincent Jewelry Design Studio
651 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55402

My name is Stephen Lehman, I have been a gold and platinumsmith
for over 22 years. We have a design studio in the center of
Minneapolis where we sell our own work in 18-24K gold and
platinum. We hand fabricate most pieces in our studio for resale
along with our commision business. Our specialties include high
Karat gold fusion and granualation along with extensive platinum
work. We also cary many German based designers in addition to
our own work.

Hi Stephen Lehman

Welcome! I have a question for you. I am looking at opening up
in a “Gallery”. What can you tell me about price mark-up vs.
regular Jewelry stores or concessions in Malls. Is it about the
same and dependent on the class of store, neighborhood, etc., or
is it higher? I am making reference to mark-up like your small
town family owned Jewelry store may be set at Keystone where a
concession in a high class Department store or High class Jewelry
store at triple-keystone. Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Stephen, You will like it here on Orchid. The questions and
responses come and go like waves in the ocean, sometimes heated
and fascinating, sometimes routine but important, always a new
batch rolling in.

Welcome aboard,

Hi Steve Welcome to Orchid! Its great to add you to the list of
great jewelers that contribute to this list. Its been the most
important resource I’ve ever found. I look forward to reading any
of your ‘pearls of wisdom’!

T. Lee Burnham