Introducing - Stanley R.Rosenberg

Name: Stanley R.Rosenberg
Email: tzuris 368 @

Hello.I’m a retired Architect in NYC. I’ve been designing &
fabricating jewelry.enamelling & raising silver for over 30
years.I guess I’ve taken most workshops available,worked with
Jean Stark,John Cogswell,& talent of this calibre for
years…Thankfullt I do this work for personal pleasure so I’m
not under financial pressure and time is not a major

If I can figure this network out I hope to be able to provide
positive contributions to the Orchid Network


Welcome Stanley! I know the quality of your work, and although
you may not be as informed and giving of your time as our Peter
Rowe( a truly brilliant TEACHER), I know you will be an asset to
this unselfish group which shares so readily of their experiences
and acquired knowledge. Good luck, and I hope to see you soon.

My very best to Ruth. Joe Dule

Hi Mr. Rosenberg, I am glad to hear from another New York based
Orchid member. My name is Valentin Yotkov. I am a silversmith and
an instructor in chasing and repousse. Do you like meeting new
people? If you do you are welcome to visit me at my studio. My
e-mail address is:

Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season!