Introducing - Skye Chapman

Name: Skye Chapman
Email: @skye
Address: Doylestown, PA

Hi, I’ve been on this list before, but due to iillness had to drop
off for a while…but I’m back and hope all is well.

I’m very interested in knitting/crocheting/weaving??? with wire,
probably plated silver and would love to hear from anyone that does
this kind of work.

I’m an author who loves to do artwork for fun and self expression
without the pressure of deadlines, etc.

Currently, I’m interested in making little bags out of thin wire
mesh. If anyone has had any experience doing this, I’d love to hear
from you. If there are any archives on this, I’d like to know about

Thanks all…Skye

Hi, Skye!

The current issue of Lapidary Journal has a how-to by Pat
Moses-Caudel on making a bead and crocheted silver amulet necklace,
with good directions and photos. Pat Moses-Caudel does very nice
crocheted wire work, some of which, I believe, is featured in the
Orchid Gallery.

Dos Manos Jewelry
Phoenix, Arizona

Hi Skye, I have a lot of notes and details of techniques to do
with weaving metals. My most recent piece was woven titanium strips
held together in a platinum and 18ct gold pendant. The same
principles of technique would apply to any metal you choose to use.
If you are interested, post a reply and I’ll send you details.
There are quite a few pages of notes. There is also a book devoted
to this technique which I’ll track down for you and post this
reference later - that is if the other Ochidists don’t beat me to
the draw! Regards, Rex from Oz