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Introducing: Skip Meister


I’ve been lurking here and occasionally posting, so I figured I
might as well introduce myself. I am a Certified Dental
Technician specializing in Crown and Bridge and Ceramics. I have
been a D.T. for about 30yrs. and have been making jewelry for the
past 27 of those years. I was fortunate in the fact that I came
in on the tail end of the old style of fabricating gold crowns
and bridges from sheet stock and different heats of solder. This
method is today pretty much of a lost art in dentistry primarily
because the new methods are so much better, superior in every
way. Some of the old dentists 30 yrs ago were not skilled in the
newer techniques of preparation for the ‘modern’ cast
restorations:). Their ineptitude enabled me to learn, at company
expense, to put as many as 5 different heats of solder onto
bridgework without distortion or porosity, and to learn skills
that have stood me in good stead. BTW 100 years ago is when some
jewelers split off and became dedicated lab techs.

For the past 10 or so years I have operated my own 1 man dental
lab from my home. I do cast jewelry work in gold, silver and
palladium, and fabrication in silver. I am beginning to
experiment seriously with porcelain fused gold or palladium

Skip Meister
NRA Endowment and