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Introducing - Silver Source Co.,Ltd



Khun Pattana Nathanant and I have been in the Silver Jewelry for
more than 10 years. With the initiation from our parents who
helped supported us from the begining whom we adore and respected
highly. Because of their support had enable us to be able to
travel a great distance to many different cities and countries
around the world starting from South East Asia to Europe and
USA, especially in USA where I attended the Washington State
University at Pullman,Washington and graduated in 1973 with a
bachelor degree in Business Administration and later took up MBA
and many other courses.

Also we have been in the Silver Jewelry Business working and
traveling extensively across the main land USA meeting customers
ranging from retailors, wholesalers to importers, chainstores
and department stores.

Our past experienced had proved to be very beneficial for us in
being able to understand the American and others culture and know
more about them, so it help us a lot in working with them
especially when the USA are considered as among the largest
market in the world.

Our company Silver Source Co.,Ltd. been in business over 6 years.
Now with more customers both domestic and foreign market, we
decided to set up another company by the name of Silver World
Co.,Ltd. to cater for the export and world wide market.

Where as Silver Source Co.,Ltd. will cater more toward the
domestic market. So this way we feel we can serve our customers
more efficiently than in the past.

From our association with major customers world wide we realised
that each customer have their own specific need and our goal is
to be able to work closely with our customers and to help them
achieved their goal and target as much as possible if that means:

1). more meaningful & better stylish and marketable quality
products and that is to assist our customers in order to be able
to sell and move more products readily.

2). at a reasonable and workable prices, this is to help our
customers in being able to be more profitable with our good and
carefully design and carefully source products.

3). Have the ability to finished the production and able to
deliver the product in time for our customers need. This is to
help maintain the customers trust from our customers point of
view as this dead line is very vital to our customers as well as
our own success in term of their special promotion for the
special ocasion on such events like Valentine day, Mother day,
Father day, Summer Sale, Spring Sale, Fall Sale ,Christmas Sale
and so on.

  1. Our company concept is that in order to make our company
    sucessful in the long run, we have to carefully select our
    special group of customers whom we will be able to work with
    closely and help make our customers stay successful and happy
    with our products which is our major task and our important goal
    and longterm success for years to come, which also mean that we
    are dedicated to the well being of our capable and experience
    staffs and every parties involving in our business as much and as
    long as we could.

In summary we Silver World Co.,Ltd. and Silver Source Co.,Ltd.
would like to be known for our " Reliable Silver Jewelry Source "
for our customers and that if they are looking for Silver Jewelry
they will remember and come to us for their merchandises.

We like to thank you very much again for your kind intention to
help provide us with the link to your Co. We are anxiously
looking forward to see the drastic changes for the in comming
contract from the future customers. If there is any thing that
we can be of help to you pls. let us know. Best regards.

Sincerely yours,
Pat & Paul
Silver World Ltd.
Suppliers of fine silver jewelry from catalogue and made to order Tel.
(662)292 0285-6 Fax. (662)291 5961