Introducing - Sheridan Reed

Name: Sheridan Reed
Email: @Sheridan_E_Reed

Hello.  I've been lurking for a few days and thought I should

introduce myself. I studied art and art/history at Scripps
College, in Claremont, Ca. for my BA. I then changed fields and
have been supporting myself and my children (and continue to do
so) in a totally unrelated field. I discovered “metal” about 7
years ago - found Alan Revere’s school where I have taken
classes each of the intervening years, as well as San Diego
State where I have studied with Helen Shirk and Arline Fisch. I
have no degrees, certificates or diplomas relating to metal or
jewelry, but have a real passion for it and use vacation time
for classes and workshops whenever I can. Though I can work
either large or small, I have been focusing on jewelry, using
enamel, gold, silver and sometimes copper. Everything is
fabricated. I am just now beginning to market my work and I am
searching for an opportunity in San Diego County, to get some
practical education: to apprentice with, work with or for
someone from whom I could learn quicker methods and some
production techniques. I only have evenings or nights and
week-ends available but would be willing to work for “free”
until it is apparent that I am contributing something. I have a
fairly well equipped studio and would be willing to do
“contract” work at home if it also involved some hands-on
supervision, feedback and critique. If you know of any such
opportunites I would greatly appreciate an e-mail.