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Introducing - Shayne Ostrowski

Shayne Ostrowski
Beverly, USA

I am pretty new to the industry. I started making jewelry about 2
years ago (mostly beading) and now I am looking to get started as a
bench jeweler. Can anyone recommend a school or program in
Massachusetts to get started? or does anyone know of any apprentice
jobs in Mass?

Try the program at Metalwerx… it’s great! Also there are many
private jewelry teachers!


Assist others in searching for the right school. If you are looking
to expand your vocabulary in art, or the proper way to sharpen a
graver, we welcome your education experience.

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Shayne, if you are looking for worthwhile classes in Massachusetts
check out Metalwerx school and studio in Waltham, MA. They offer a
continuing series of goldsmithing classes as well as intensive
workshops taught by outstanding jewelry professionals from all over
the country. New classes to start this fall will focus on Studio
development for the emerging artist.

More info is available at

Michael David Sturlin