Introducing - Sam John Trump

I am now 78, a retired toolmaker, I have been making jewelery fo 30
years I have an extensive workshop, I only work with silver. I am
much travelled and have semi-precious stones from many countries. I
use a lot of recycled silver spoons and forks from which I
manufacture a great range of products. Over the years I have learned
lots of tips and skills that I would be willing to pass on to others.

Gloucestershire, UK

welcome abord Sam you will find this of great use. Don in Idaho USA


Welcome aboard. We can always use advice and input and would
appreciate yours greatly. This is a wonderful forum with all types of
metalsmiths, artisans, and gemstone cutters. The people range in
experience from newbies just starting out to men and women who are
experts in their field, such as James Binnion, Alan Revere and many
others. Have a good day.

James S. Cantrell CMBJ