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Introducing - Rocio Heredia

�Hola! My name is Maria del Rocio Heredia de la Paz, you may call me
Rocio Heredia for short. I live in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, the city of
the Mountains, located in the North East part of Mexico. I am new in
metalsmithing, and my favorite techniques are Chasing and Repousse. I
really enjoy getting more into the detail, no matter how long it
takes. It is very exciting for me to join this list. I’m looking to
get in touch with other artists that are doing similar work, and I am
eager to learn more and improve my skills. All I know, I learned by
myself, and definitely I’m doing what I most love to do: working with

Dear Rocio Heredia! Welcome to Orchid.I would recommend Valentin
Yotkov,concerning chasing and repousse techniques.Please check out
for yourself and have a look at, Artist
lives in New York and is a Specialist on this field.I believe he also
is a member of Orchid. All the Best Sigrid