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Introducing - Roberta Sue Powell

Roberta Sue Powell
Blooming Popsicles
Cleveland, Texas. USA


I am a novice in the jewelry design arena and so very impressed with
all the talent I see on the internet today.

I began this journey by providing beads for my students to make
bracelets for their mothers at Christmas time. Somehow I got caught
up playing with different beads and learning how to make jewelry. It
was during this time that I realized a very old, very deep, "ache"
was beginning to disipate. I suppose it was the creative side of me
crying for an outlet and beading provided one.

I’m now venturing into the Polymer Clay arena to find a means of
greater expression there. I have seen some beads extremely detailed
with flowers, bees and even butterflies and am intrigued at how
that’s possible. Once I learn how to handle Polymer Clay I want to
learn to work with PMC to create flowing, graceful works of art.

Any advice, tips or tricks you may have would be greately

Hi Roberta, I’m doing it the other way around — I used to be a
polymer clay junkie and now have moved on to metals. is a wonderful web site and a lot
of fine clayers post to the message board. Just a warning, some of
the posters can get a little “catty” now and again. Lots of good help
for those just getting started out, though. The web site’s owner and
chat board moderator, Leigh Ross, does some amazing invisible flower
canes. There’s another gal on there whose butterfly and flower canes
blow me away. Feel free to e-mail me if you have specific poly-clay