Introducing - Robert James

Robert James
International School of Gemology
San Antonio, TX. USA

The International School of Gemology is the internet’s largest
online school of gemology with over 600 students in 32 countries
around the world. Our ISG Registered Gemologist program includes 6
courses in Diamonds, Colored Gemstone ID and Grading, Identification
of Synthetic Gemstones, Intro to Watches, and Pearls. Our courses
are cost effective at only $195.00 for the complete program. We
offer many student services and support programs, including
gemological equipment and DVD study aids. Our ISG Student Forums
Board runs 24 hours a day where students can visit at any time and
get assistance in their studies. Robert James, FGA, GG, the ISG
President, is a former Tutor and Allied Teaching Center for the
Gem-A in London.