Introducing - Richard Dubiel

Although I have participated off and on in this forum over the past
year, it seemed appropriate and forum etiquette to formally introduce
myself. My name is Richard Dubiel and I work out of my home studio in
the Toronto, Canada area. After working for the Canadian division of a
large multi-national corporation for almost 30 years (not related to
the jewellery industry), I was downsized from my position as the
Vice-President of Engineering Services. At that time, I decided to
head into a totally different career path which incorporated my work
experience in CAD/CAM, machining, etc. and my hobbies of wood
carving, drawing and natural history. Since then, I have also taken
several jewellery related course at George Brown College (including
one taught by a regular contributor to this forum - "Gerry the
Cyber-Setter). I now have a relatively well equipped studio and have
produced one-of-a-kind pieces plus small production runs (as many as
300 pieces). However, my main focus and specialization has been on
the production of wax models, with an emphasis on animals, birds and
other objects of nature. I recently expanded this to include a 4-axis
CNC milling machine using Rhino to develop 3D models and Deskproto to
produce the toolpaths. Using Rhino, and one of its rendering packages
(Flamingo), it has allowed me to produce photo-realistic renderings
to present to clients prior to cutting, and then machine accurate and
symmetrical wax models. I also have found that I can combine both my
hand carving skills and the CNC mill, by cutting accurate "shells"
or frames and then hand carving details into these (that don’t have
that “mechanical” computer generated appearance) that some clients
prefer. I hope to have a web site up and running soon where I can
share some of my work with you. Though my knowledge in the jewellery
industry is nowhere near as extensive as all of the regular
contributors, I look forward to participating on a more regular basis
and enjoy reading and learning from the daily digest I receive from
Orchid. Thank you Hanuman and your group for providing and
maintaining an excellent service to the community, and to all those
who pass on their knowledge and experience to others.

(Usual disclaimer regarding products used, I am not associated with
them, but have found they work for me).

Best regards to all,

Richard Dubiel, Dubiel Design Studio

Richard, Hi, eh!, Orchidians and all.

This fellow Richard, was one of my very ambitious mature students,
he has certainly excelled in our trade UP HERE. I have seen some of
his hand carvings, just totally unbelievable!

His past employers loss, is “our gain”…so good to have you
"here"…“Gerry, the Cyber-Setter!”

As a client of Richard’s, let me add my recommendations. His work
is beautiful and very well finished. Good luck Richard!

Dina Weavers
High-Strung in Maryland


I just recently worked with Richard Dubiel too. I like his work (the
ending of our association has nothing to do with the quality of his
work, more with my need to find someone geographically closer to me),
I like the way I sent him a design and he created it as nearly
exactly as one could possibly imagine it (probably closer to my ideal
than I could have created back in my FIT days when I actually made
some of the things I designed – though I could never make things as
nicely as I could design).

Which brings me to this – I need to find someone who I can work
with. I may have a possible contact, but I’d like to know if there’s
anyone out there in Central NJ (ideally), or the NY/NJ area (not
quite as ideally, but not too bad), or in the Northeast (not my
ideal, obviously, but doable) or, at the very least in the US. If
there is someone in my local geographical area, that would be the
best (if it’s within driving distance especially).

If you are interested, contact me off list at

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