Introducing - Richard Borrazas

Name: Richard Borrazas

Address: Victorian Jewelers, Ltd.
796 Elm Street
Manchester, NH  03010

I am a Graduate Jeweler Gemologist that has followed thae
traditional apprenticeship method of learning the craft as well as
the somewhat dissapointing GIA training.

We specialize in custom one of a kind jewelry in 14k to 22k gold as
well as platinum. We utilize a variety of techniques from Olde World
had forged to hand carved waxes doing our own casting and even to
inhouse CAD/CAM and even Laser welding.

Yes it is an exciting time in our industry and it is good to embrace
the new technologies to augment and enhance what it has taken us a
lifetime to learn and master the skills of our proffession.

We will be striking out this year with a line of our own wedding and
commitment bands. We look forward to sharing the excitement that our
customers have shared with us as we have developed the line. Keep
posted to see how we do.

I am looking forward to the exchange of ideas, rescources and
techniques that I know will benifit all of us.