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Introducing - Riccardo Accurso

Name: Riccardo Accurso
Email: @ricco

Ricco is: Metalsmith, maker, jeweler Self taught, making since
1970 Works in all metals…copper to platinum Long suit creative

Name: Riccardo Accurso
Email: @ricco
Address: PO Box 883 Shepherdstown WV 25443

Ricco is a self taught metal artist, working in the field since

Ricco now owns and operates Ricco Gallery of Contemporary
American Art Jewelry which is housed in a Colonial 1763 house on
the main street of a small college town about 1 1/2 hours from
both Washington, DC and Baltimore, Maryland.

The gallery is currently accepting submissions for shows in
Nov/Dec and for Spring 99.

Contact Ricco at @ricco