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Introducing - Renegade Red

Name: Renegade Red
Email: @CabAds
Address: Post Office Box 15405
Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87174 USA

Hello…I just got a new computer and just found this site…what
a suprise! My sister (Outlaw MiMi) and I have been working with
Niobium jewelry since 1988. We put the business to rest for
awhile and are now getting a studio set up again. Niobium
Additions manufactures Nb components and The MiMi Collection is
our finished jewelry line. Nb is a glorious element and we both
love working with it. MiMi used to do a lot of photography and
she has a fantastic eye for bringing out all the colors. I have
enjoyed reading everyones comments and questions about Nb. Maybe
some of us can chat from time to time about Nb.