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Introducing - Rafal Koczorowski


Name: Rafal Koczorowski
Email: @rafalk
Address: Torrko
55 Queen St.East ste.1504
Toronto,Ontario M5C 1R6

I’m an jeweller of 23 years never scaerd of new things .I’ve
just casted my 2nd platinum casting using vertical machine ,R&R
Dntsply,Oxy-propane&5%Iridium.Hart rate 200!but still
smiling.Casting v.good.l’d love to exchange my experiences with
anyone who can help me to make it easier.



rafal - just read your posting about your latest platinum casting

  • congratulations! if you need to use some there is a
    place right there in toronto that sells very good gemstones at
    very low prices. we buy them all the way down here in florida:
    it is “Best Bargains” in Dundas Square. the owner’s name is
    sheela & she is one of the nicest people you will meet. good luck
  • ive