Introducing - Rachel Harley

Hi I’m Rachel and I am a fine art enameller and Jeweller, a Member of
the Worshipful Guild of Goldsmiths Trained by Phil Barnes in London (
did anyone met Phil when he was in America?)

I specialise in quality enamelling for fine jewellery & object d’art,
I started my own workshop in the Brighton, in the U.K. just 12 months
ago and slowly, as people get to know the quality of my work,
commissions are coming in. A few peices of my own work are starting
to sell and it wold be nice to think that eventually I can produce
much more.

Apart from companies in the U.K. I am also working with a company in
Europe, but as I would love to re-locate later to America, I am
looking for companies and designers in the U.S.A. who would offer me
work / commissions ~ long distance. How is the business in America?
Does the business suffer the same highs and lows as us here in

I hope I hear from other enamellers who, like me, have started up
their own businesses, hopefully you can give me some sound advice,
for which I would be very appreciative. Many thanks, Rachel Contact -
Rachel Harley +44(0)1273 554478 @bodyline