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Introducing - rachael wood


Name: rachael wood
Email: @rwood
Address: taman matahari 4038
BINTULU Sarawak Malaysia

I am currently studying gemmology with the GIA with a view to
one day using my passion to enter into an exciting new career. At
the moment I have to follow my husband where ever his career
takes him, so my future lies in a business venture which is
mobile. I’m always looking for new challenges and interested to
hear from anybody in the industry who has constructive advice for
a novice!



As anyone wanting to get into this field, just follow your heart
and your passion. You will encounter many many stopping blocks,
but don’t let them get you down. Both my mother and my cousin
started GIA courses, and never finished. They really did not
have the passion. I myself am a jeweler, and have been for
almost 20 years. I have run across many prejudice and
chauvinistic people, but I endured. You are going to make
mistakes, a lot of them. But you will also be learning each
time. This is a never ending learning process. Keep it up.