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Introducing - Peter W. Rowe

Name: Peter Rowe
Email: @Peter_W_Rowe

I’ve been a jeweler and metalsmith now for over 25 years
studiying first at the Unviversity of Wisconsin in Madidison, and
later for a time at Cranbrook Acadamy of Art. I have an MFA in
jewelry and metalsmithing from Tyler School of Art, in
Philadelphia, and am a Graduate Gemologist as well. My first
job at making jewelry was with a part time rock shop job while
still in high school (where I also was taking the silversmithing
class that started all this), and I’ve been an amateur level
lapidary ever since, doing both cabbing and facetting, mostly to
produce stones for my own jewelry work. In my own work, I often
combine gold or silver with anodized niobium or titanium, as well
as stones, and fool around with tachniques ranging from mokume
and granulation to guilloche engraving (engine turning) and
CAD/CAM. But most of my “bench” time is spent working more
traditionally, in a commercial jewelry firm, where I do a good
deal of gold and platinum fabrication work, stone setting,
repair, and all that sort of related mundane stuff. I prefer
fabrication techniques to casting, but have done, over the years,
a great deal of jewelry scale casting as well, in metals
ranging from platinum and gold to aluminum. I currently live and
work in Seattle Washington.

I’m also currently the moderator of the usenet newsgroup,, which was converted to moderated status in
March of this year. Readers of this list are, of course, welcome
to contribute over on r.c.j. as well. Note that r.c.j. is
primarily a discussion group, and advertising is strictly
limited. More on the limits and guidelines on posting
to or advertising in can be found in a FAQ
file I post to that group at the beginning of each month, titled
"[FAQ] posting guidelines for", which can also
be retrieved from the dejanews archieves (,
if your news server no longer has it available near the latter
part of a month.

Peter Rowe

Welcome to the forum, Peter, Ive read many of your comments and
advise on r.c.j over the past year.

Rick Hamilton
Richard D. Hamilton

Fabricated 14k, 18k, and platinum Jewelry
wax carving, modelmaking, jewelry photography

Peter, nice to see you on the list. Did you find an extra hour
in the day? I’m sure you’ll find the responses here to your great
wealth of expertise and humour will be rewarding. The newsgroup
r.c.j. is fine a lot of the time but some people do get carried
away and sometimes abusive. That must be hard for you to take.

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