Introducing - Paul Holland

Name: Paul Holland
Email: @Paul_Holland
Address: Tavernier, Fl

I just started to learn a little about jewelry so I use this
mainly as an service but I thought I would let you
know about a little trick I figured out about printing with
bubble and ink jet printers. If you spray coat the print with a
light coat of polyurethane (hope the spelling is correct) after
printing it will protect the ink from moisture and UV light . It
is a flexible coating and will not crack with use as long as you
don’t get it too thick . With a little experience you can get it
to just coat the sheet you are spraying.

Also I am interested in working with corals . Is there a book or
can anyone help me with instructions on how to shape , polish ,
and finish ?


While this helps a lot, the ink will still fade with UV,
although more slowly. When I use my inkjet to print out signs
for my show displays, I laminate them with transparent contact
paper. This solves the moisture problem, although not the fading

Janet Kofoed

It will be almost completely impossible to stop the UV
completely unless you place a glass pain in front of the printing
or use a UV blocking film. There is a film you can get similar to
what they put on car windows but I don’t know an outlet. You
might check with a window tinting firm. Window glass will also
work, that’s why you can’t get a tan inside. The glass filters
almost all UV but just strong light also fades some types of ink.
For long term printing for signs, you will just have to use
paints that are for outdoor use. These have been formulated to
stand up to the sun.